• Don’t prevent other teams from having fun.
  • Don’t share flags or hints, or you’ll be banned.
  • Don’t attack (e.g. DoS) our infrastructure, or you’ll be banned.
  • Don’t do automated scanning. It will be considered to be DoS.
  • The flag format is TSGCTF{blahblah}, unless otherwise specified.
  • The prize will be paid with PayPal. If it doesn't suit you, we can pay that in BitCoin at an arbitrary exchange rate we determine.
  • The teams must publish the writeups of the solved problems in CTFTime to get their prizes.
  • If you have any questions during the contest, please contact us via Discord server.

Beginner's Tasks

If you are unfamiliar with CTF, we highly recommend you to first take a look at our beginners-level challenges. They are named "Beginner's XXX" and released at the same time as the CTF begins. (Spoiler: "beginner" doesn't mean they are trivial😉)

Release Schedule

  • These schedules are super-tentative. Though we'll make efforts to deliver these challenges as planned, any changes are expected anytime.
Approx. Time (UTC) Genre Difficulty
07/11 07:00 Misc sanity
07/11 07:00 Crypto beginner
07/11 07:00 Pwn beginner
07/11 07:00 Web beginner
07/11 07:00 Misc beginner
07/11 07:00 Rev easy
07/11 07:00 Pwn med-hard
07/11 07:00 Misc hard
07/11 08:00 Pwn easy
07/11 09:00 Crypto medium
07/11 10:00 Misc medium
07/11 11:00 Web hard
07/11 12:00 Rev med-hard
07/11 13:00 Pwn med-hard
07/11 13:00 Misc medium
07/11 14:00 Pwn easy
07/11 15:00 Crypto medium
07/11 16:00 PPC medium
07/11 17:00 Pwn easy
07/11 18:00 Web medium
07/11 19:00 Crypto easy
07/12 01:00 Survey ---

About Survey challenge: This is a special "challenge" in which you can achieve the bonus 1pt by filling in our inquiry. You can skip the inquiry and just get flag, but make sure at least one of you is awake if you don't want to miss it.