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We uploaded scoreboard and challenges to CTFtime (sorry to be late!)
Please register your writeup at CTFtime. We want to read your writeups!

TSG CTF 2021 is over!
Thank you for the participation. You can still submit the survey. Please fill it if you are missing!

[Pwn] Chat Attachment Update
To make it easier to reproduce the remote run, we added another file used on the remote server. Note: in the intended solution, this is not an attack surface.

Complete our survey and earn the bonus point!
Thank you for participating in TSG CTF 2021! Please complete our survey and get bonus 1pt! Also, the contest has 8 hours of time left. Please don't give up and keep going!

"Advanced Fisher (misc)" and "cHeap (pwn)" was released!
This is our last release of challenges. Good luck!

"Minimalist's Private (crypto)" and "UB# (misc)" was released!
Go! Go! Go!

"Cling (pwn)" and "Giita (web)" was released!
The remaining problems are getting fewer. Hang in there!

"Baba is Flag (crypto)" and "Flag is Win (crypto)" was released!
Baba is always a friend of CTFer...

"Kotlin Lovers Society (misc)" "Catastrophe (pwn)" "Lumberjack against Nature (PPC)" was released!
This wave is soooo hard. Good luck!

"Udon (web)" and "Natural Flag Processing (rev)" was released!
Go and try!

"lkgit (pwn)" and "optimized (rev)" was released!
More and more pwns!

"This is DSA (crypto)" and "Coffee (pwn)" was released!
Check it out!

TSG CTF 2021 started!
Hello, hackers world!

The release schedule of challenges is now available!
Let's plan your sleep for this weekend!